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Our products

We present you our products, which are an excellent solution when you need to optimize the cost of disinfection.

DIVOC 20 / Cabin

Spray booth for automatic full body disinfection made of high quality materials and the highest safety standards in the EU.

  • Autonomous & interactive
  • Low power and disinfectant consumption
  • 3 seconds per disinfection
  • Additional manual disinfection outside of the cabin for wheelchairs & prams
  • CE certificate for quality
  • Special floor for shoe soles disinfection

DIVOC 20 / Hand M+

Automatic disinfectant for hand disinfection with LCD display with the ability to play audio and video content from USB source.

  • Express disinfection including a built-in display that can engage the attention of anyone passing for at least 4 seconds

  • Automatic disinfection dispenser

  • LCD display with the ability to display advertising content

  • Extremely comfortable to operate and easy to use


Disinfectant sprays ULV 50/62/85 are practical and effective for decontamination and disinfection of small rooms.

With the ULV series disinfection sprayers, you can quickly and easily disinfect your workplace, shop or home yourself.

Suitable environment for use

  • Restaurants
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals and medical institutions
  • Hotels and guest houses


  • Tank capacity up to 8.5 l disinfectant.
  • Lightweight, mobile and easy to carry
  • High efficiency in disinfectant consumption for disinfected area


Contactless dosing of disinfectants improves hygiene in any environment by limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses. Our company offers an automatic dispenser, which helps for an efficient hand disinfection.

Suitable for use:

  • Educational institutions
  • Office spaces
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Shopping centers and stores

DIVOC 20 / Mobile MDZ 300

The MDZ 300 disinfection machine is of a new generation, suitable for indoor and outdoor disinfection. He will be your biggest supporter in the fight against all airborne microbes and viruses, as he disperses the chemical by fogging in the 0.45 micron powder system. Ensures penetration to the smallest cracks on the surfaces, will disinfect the area you use 99.9%.

  • Suitable for use in municipalities, factories, schools, markets and all open areas, both for indoor & outdoor application.
  • 300 litres disinfectant tank capacity, more than enough for one working day. 
  • Low energy consumption with its hybrid structure (petrol and electric). Up to 12 h of operation with one charge.

An innovative approach to dealing with the cost of disinfection and the risk of COVID 19 infection.