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With each passing day, it becomes clear that there are new rules we must follow. If we want to continue to grow our business; to organize events or start coming guests to the hotel, then we need to think about effective solutions. The most important thing right now is to inspire security in our customers. To show them that we value their health and that we want them to feel good. There is currently a wide variety of disinfectant products on the market. You can try to ensure good hygiene with a simple disinfectant at the entrance to the event and in the toilets, but do you think that people will be really safe for their health? By rubbing disinfectant into their hands, they protect only them. What’s left for the soles of clothes and other items that create a good environment for microbes to grow.

The solution we offer you is a new generation express disinfection cabin. The cabin is made of high quality materials and according to the norms for the highest degree of safety of the EU proven with CE quality certificate. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, even in harsh winter conditions. We offer an extremely practical and economical automatic hand dispenser with a capacity of 2000 ml. As just one charge it can be used by over 1000 people.

Other advantages of the innovative cabin are that it does not require additional staff because it is automatic. There is no machine on the market that disinfects from head to toe. The floor of the cabin has a special coating guaranteeing disinfection of the soles of the shoes. It is designed for everyone: there is also manual disinfection outside the cabin, suitable for handling strollers and wheelchairs or people who do not want to enter the cabin.

If we were able to convince you that the cabin meets your needs, you can contact our sales department for more information: sales@zinnova.eu