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We will introduce you to several quick solutions to optimize the cost of disinfection.

We have done a study of what funds should be set aside for disinfection if you are a medium and large owner of a business building, event organizer, hotelier or take care of the hygiene of airports and hospitals.

If you hire a company, cleaning services for disinfection can vary from 500 to 1500 and up, depending on the size of the facility according to the study of Advertiser Disclosure (we are talking about one-time cleaning). The area of ​​the site, the payment of a professional and the price of a disinfectant are taken into account.

And according to Gurdian, disinfecting a medium-sized hotel with the help of a cleaning company will cost about 3,500, and the use of disinfectant and sponges, a service provided by a cleaner and a disinfectant provided to guests will cost about 2,000 (again, a one-time cleaning).

According to EU requirements, this activity must be carried out daily, which roughly makes between 3,500 and 10,500 per week for cleaning.

Unlike the specialized workforce, the ULV 50 sprayers spray 330 ml. per minute at maximum open position. For disinfection of a hotel room or office it is used at half capacity, ie. with 70-80 ml. in 30 seconds a hotel room of 25 sq.m can be completely disinfected

Guests also need to be disinfected to say that between 700 and 1,000 people pass through one facility per day, the cost of disinfection will be about 1,000 per day and 7,000 per week, respectively.

Let’s compare the activity of a cleaning company with the use of a disinfection cabin Divoc 20. The use of the disinfection machine is easy and practical. The visitor enters the machine and is disinfected from head to toe at a value between 0.14 and 0.20. The disinfectant lasts for about 700-1000 people, which costs 100-150.

They are functional – easy to install without the need for specialized maintenance. It also saves costs from specialized staff. The machine is energy saving (operates on 12 V) and is tailored to the needs of customers: there is an attachment for disinfection of strollers and wheelchairs, which makes it extremely suitable for airports and hospitals, business events and all kinds of major events.