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Every advertiser is looking for a space that customers will not miss. We thought about how we can be useful to business and at the same time be effective in the disinfection market.

That’s why we created a one-of-a-kind machine with an automatic dispenser for hand disinfection LCD display. You can play whatever audio and video content you want from a USB source. By engaging the attention of each passer-by is guaranteed to be at least 4 seconds – the time required for a disinfection.

This is an innovative service that can not only help you protect your guests, but also make you money. You can position the DIVOC 20 / Hand M + machine on high-traffic sites such as airports, malls, cinemas, concert halls, theaters and more. This way you can advertise a product or service.

The disinfection machine fits perfectly in any place and is also an attraction. This is due to its beautiful design. It, like all Z Innova machines, meets all European hygiene requirements.